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Aerial Photography and Filming

Southern Drones operates DJI Phantom 4 Pro RPAs. For the large majority of aerial photography and filming, these provide very high quality photos (at resolutions of up to 5472 x 3648 pixels and 4k hd footage (@60fps), while minimising impact on local inhabitants. For more complex work, we also have a dual operator capable DJI Inspire 2 with a more advanced camera (micro 4/3) and a 3x zoom lens.

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Asset Inspections

Southern Drones offers a low cost way to inspect assets such as towers, aerials, antennaes and roofs. Our UAVs are also a very efficient way to record footage for insurance purposes, etc.

Southern Drones can provide inspection services country-wide. Please give us a call any time to discuss your needs.

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Surveys and Mapping

Southern Drones can offer survey services operating Inspire 2 and Phantom 4 RPAs, utilizing surveys software services, Drone Deploy, Pix4d, Skycatch, Datamapper or Maps Made Easy. Give us a call any time to discuss your needs. We are professional and affordable.

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Airborne Searches

Southern Drones is run by a professional helicopter pilot with many hours of experience of conducting searches. We understand the correct methods of searching an area and ensuring that it is adequately viewed and marked as completed.

Drones can be extremely effective in searching areas such as ravines, gullies and small areas where access is difficult. Police services and search agencies around the world are discovering how effective and efficient it is to use UAVs, drones and RPAs to accomplish these searches. As well as being effective, the cost to operate is much lower than using a helicopter and risk to personnel and rescue crew is much lower.

We are currently developing new technologies to aid with remote area emergency searches using DJI Phantom 4 , DJI Inspire and Matrice 600 RPAs.

Using our software it is possible to conduct searches with images of 3 cm per pixel from 100m altitude.

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